Japanese Pension Refund

The Pension Reform Bill was passed on November 9, 1994 so that a Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment (pension refund) can be granted on request to those who have enrolled in Japanese public pension schemes but who then leave the country. All JET Programme participants pay into the Japanese Pension, therefore most will be able to claim a refund, provided the JET participant meets all of the eligibility criteria.


In addition to your General Information Handbook, you can find more information on the Japanese Pension Refund at the Japan Pension Services website.

Filing for the pension refund, officially called the "Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment", and the tax refund associated with its pay-out is a 7-step process that begins just before the JET leaves Japan.

 Before leaving, complete and submit the necessary refund application forms and Tax Representative Designation form
 After leaving Japan, mail necessary forms
 Receive Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment into overseas bank account
 Mail notice of refund to Tax Representative in Japan
 Tax representative files for refund of tax on lump-sum withdrawal
 Tax representative receives tax refund
 Tax representative transfers money to former JET participant

If you have encountered a problem with your pension refund claim, please contact your Contracting Organization, your prefecture's PA, or as a last resort, the JET Desk at (613) 241-8541 | jet@jetprogramme.ca

Disclaimer: The above information is based on information issued by the Japan Pension Service. CLAIR assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided here. This information is intended to help guide former JET Programme participants through the process of filing for the pension refund, but all specific questions and concerns must be addressed directly to the Japan Pension Service.