Former JET

If you do not find an answer to your question on this website, you may contact a JET Programme Coordinator.

I need a record of employment or a letter of recommendation.
While the JET Programme coordinates your placement in Japan, your legal employer is/was your Contracting Organisation. Only your Contracting Organisation can issue a record of employment or a letter of reference, not the Embassy of Japan, the Consulate General of Japan or JET Programme Canada.  Please contact your Contracting Organisation directly for matters relating to your record of employment.

How can I stay connected with the Japanese Community in my area?
Find out which JETAA chapter is active in your area. You can also see what cultural events your local embassy or consulate are holding. You can also seek out Japanese cultural groups, such as language schools.

I've encountered a problem with my Pension Refund Claim. Who can I contact?
Depending on the type of issue you are encountering, we recommend contacting either your former Contracting Organization, or the Embassy JET Desk at (613) 241-8541 or If you can speak Japanese, you can also try contacting Japan Pension Services in Japan directly.